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We Supply Powerful, Effective Training Materials For Individuals, Families and Organisations Working With Mental Health Issues

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For over a decade Choices Education has been supplying powerful and effective Mental Health Education and Training resources. A unique feature of these materials is that they can be self delivered without the need for external trainers.

Our wide range of Mental Health Board Games and materials include Anxiety in Children, ADHD, Bullying, Anger Management, Anxiety & Depression, Understanding Bipolar, Bipolar Mood Scale, Confidence Building, Anxiety Help Packs, and more. These materials are powerful resources for helping patients, clients and their families understand and control their mental conditions, and are currently being used across the UK in NHS Trusts, Health Boards, Mental Health Charities, Support Organisations, Schools, Universities, Councils, Care and Nursing Homes and thousands of individuals and families.

The benefits of these systems have been spreading by word of mouth around the world, especially in Europe, and now in the USA where Choices have just launched a new distribution & sales agency in North Carolina.  

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The complex symptoms, effects, and treatment options of mental conditions like Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression, can be time consuming and frustrating for staff to teach and patients to learn. Patients are frequently at a loss trying to re-explain everything to their families. Commonly, medical staff, patients, and their families get frustrated with the tedium of repeated explanations, and can look for short-cut treatments or attitudes that work less effectively. Learning difficulties and language barriers can exacerbate these issues. Choice Education provides materials and training solutions, including a depression game, an anxiety game, and many others, to address these issues at low cost and with beneficial outcomes.

Our innovative approach has also led to the development of powerful, interactive games for use in schools, covering two important topics – bullying and the role of the young carer.

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