Our mission is simple –

To develop and supply innovative training and educational materials which mental health professionals, trainers and educators can use to run high impact courses on a range of mental health topics.


UK Choices Ltd. was formed in 2009 and its products have since helped countless people, including their families, to successfully manage stress, anxiety, depression and other life limiting mental conditions.

We have also developed two educational games for use in schools, covering bullying and the role of the young carer, subjects that can generate considerable anxiety and stress if not fully understood and tackled.

All our materials utilise VARK strategies to ensure that all learner types are catered for.

  • Visual learners think in pictures and prefer visual aids that represent ideas such as graphs, charts, diagrams and symbols.
  • Auditory learners learn best through listening to lectures, podcasts etc and taking part in discussions.
  • Read/write preference learners like lists, notes and text in all its formats, in print or online.
  • Kinaesthetic or tactile learners prefer to learn via experience -moving, touching, and doing.

The results speak for themselves as shown by the testimonials we’ve received.

To find out more about how we can help your clients, students or staff enjoy better mental health, take a look at our products, call us on 07780 611367 or email