We have designed all our training materials to be easy to use and they come with a full step by step manual showing when and where to use each item. This allows you to run courses in house as and when needed, without the ongoing cost of external trainers. 

The 5 main training packs are:-

1   Anxiety Awareness & Control – a short 60 – 90 minute session using the Anxiety Family Help Pack

2   Anxiety & Depression – a nine hour course split into three sessions

3   Anger Management – a six hour course split into two sessions

4   Bipolar & Mood Scale – a nine hour course split into three sessions

5   Confidence Building – a six hour course split into two sessions

More details on each one are given below.  

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1 Anxiety Awareness & Control

This is a very quick session which has an immediate impact. It explains why some people cannot identify where their anxiety comes from and why it keeps affecting and controlling their actions and thoughts. It also contains an infographic board exercise on “Understanding Anxiety” a very simple control technique to block out and control the anxiety attacks. At the end of the session a copy of the “Anxiety Family Help Pack” is given to each participant. This enables them to use the pack as a referral point in the future or use it to help others understand their condition.

Groups of up to twelve can be completed in an hour. Groups of up to 24 will take about an hour and a half to complete.

The Anxiety Awareness & Control sessions we are running are already having a massive impact with both students and staff in the University of South Wales.

Numerous individual who have purchased a single pack online have reported a significant benefit to themselves and their family from using it at home.

GPs can use it as an alternative to medication (subject to their medical opinion). Health and other care organisations can simply purchase the packs for handing out to patients or clients or they can deliver their own sessions in house.

2 Anxiety & Depression

This is a very beneficial course for both the individual and their families. The course is split into three sessions which are run one week apart (it is also very easy to break the course down into more but shorter sessions if required). A trainer’s manual is provided which covers everything from how to set up the room to get the best results, and what the trainer / facilitator needs to say throughout the course. The material has been developed to deliver the information in an easy to understand step by step process. It uses unique infographic boards throughout the course together with additional information sheets and other materials.

At the beginning of the course each participant is given an empty A4 ring binder folder. These folders are not supplied as part of the pack. As the course progresses all the information including lightweight versions of the infographic boards are handed out and filed into their personal folders.

At the end of the course each participant has a complete folder with everything covered during the course. The folder can be used for revision in the future or as way of explaining the condition to help others.

The course material is broken down into two components:

A   The trainers pack is designed to run courses for up to 12 people at a time and contains full trainer notes, demonstration copies of all handouts and all the hand back infographic boards need for that course. The high quality material will last for years and will deliver hundreds of courses as and when required.

B   The hand out pack contains 12 copies of everything, so that participants can take information home and discuss with family and work colleagues. A number of NHS Trusts, Mental Health Charities and other organisations have reported exceptional results with this training method. It is simply a matter of purchasing extra handout packs whenever a course is going to be run.


These courses all follow the same process as the Anxiety & Depression course except that the subject material changes. In the case of 3 & 5 they are reduced to a six hour course over two sessions.