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1 in 4 people affected by mental health

Choices Education are a specialist developer, manufacturer and supplier of a mental health resource & training system based in the UK.

Firstly we would like to recognise the fact that mental health is a very complex subject and has multiple conditions that must be dealt with by highly skilled mental health professionals.

However, some of the more common conditions such as anxiety can be helped with logical explanations and coping techniques, providing an educational therapy.

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Resource Review – ‘Understanding Anxiety & Unconscious Mind’ Handout Pack

This is a step by step system for individuals for home use, to explain anxiety and the unconscious mind together with simple coping techniques. The training helps users recognise the symptoms of anxiety, along with ways to help combat the disorder through learning rather than medication. Here is one example of the great testimonials we have received for the resource.

You really have changed our lives. My son is autistic with all the usual anxiety, fear, frustration and days when he was just quietly overwhelmed. He was almost reclusive with few friends and no confidence.

Using the tools you and Jocelyn gave him, he is a different person…he can control his anxiety and he is in charge of his life. Working through this plan works, all you need to do is believe it. It takes a little time and a little perseverance but I can’t tell you in words how much difference it has made to our lives.

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