Firstly we would like to recognise the fact that mental health is a very complex subject and has multiple conditions that must be dealt with by highly skilled mental health professionals. However, some of the more common conditions such as anger, anxiety, bipolar and confidence can be helped with logical explanations and coping techniques. 

To achieve this, the Choices system offers a proven and robust range of unique modular mental health training resources, providing evidence-based information and proven control techniques on some of these conditions.

Sessions are currently being delivered by:

Independent Trainers, Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors, NHS Trusts, Mental Health Charities, Housing Associations, National & Local Government, Mental Health Support Workers, Large Employers and thousands of individuals worldwide.

These are unique step by step systems which are used mainly in groups to educate and teach control techniques.
However, the information packs have worked exceptionally well with individuals when used at home with family members.
The material in the “Understanding Anxiety and the Unconscious Mind” pack explains the causes of anxiety and how your unconscious mind is responsible for triggering your anxiety in a simple and logical way.
Once you understand the causes of your anxiety it is then easy to introduce the simple control techniques which will relieve the causes. As a result your anxiety will disappear. This pack needs to be completed before the Anger Management, Bipolar, Confidence Building and Depression packs.
The information in all the packs have already helped thousands of people to understand and control their mental health conditions.

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