Trivallis Housing Association in Rhondda Cynon Taff

Trivallis are the first Housing Association in Wales to use the Choices Education Understanding Anxiety and the Unconscious Mind workshop sessions to help their staff reduce their anxiety symptoms and stress.

Below is a testimonial received from Samantha Graff from Trivallis.

“Due to popular demand, Vitallis, Trivallis’ health and wellbeing group asked Choices Education to run two sessions about Understanding Anxiety and the Unconscious Mind. Colleagues from across Trivallis came together for the sessions, which were run in a confidential environment where people were not asked to share personal stories with the rest of the group. Out of the 49 people who attended the sessions, 47 said they would definitely recommend it to a colleague or friend. What a fantastic result.

I for one intend to put some of what I have learnt into practice, even at home where one of the control techniques they share should stop all the arguments with (and between) my children! One of my colleagues contacted me to tell me that she thought the session was amazing and that all staff should attend it and would benefit from it. Going on to say she was going to take the tools on board and not only use them for herself but to support colleagues who may be going through anxiety and may not even be aware.

I would urge anyone to take advantage of learning about Anxiety and the Unconscious Mind with Choices, they certainly know their stuff and know how to put people at ease.”

Below is a picture of the workshop session and everyone with their hand out packs.

Anxiety coping resources for companies


Below is a picture of the hand out pack which everyone takes home from the workshop session.


Crown Prosecution Services Wales – Case Study

We were asked by the CPS to run our unique “Understanding Anxiety & the Unconscious Mind” educational and control system to reduce anxiety symptoms, stress and absenteeism for a few members of staff from the Cardiff and Swansea offices.

After evaluating the very successful outcome of running the workshop sessions for these members of staff, the decision was made to offer the sessions to CPS staff throughout Wales in the offices in Cardiff, Mold and Swansea. It resulted in 114 people from their 380 staff benefiting from the half day interactive sessions.

By providing all the information in a hand out pack, it enables those who attended the workshop session to use the materials at home, thus increasing the benefit of dealing with their anxiety symptoms and developing a strong support system.

The picture below shows the materials taken away in the hand out pack.

It is very easy to get rid of your anxiety symptoms and stress if you know how.

In addition to reducing anxiety symptoms and stress, businesses will also see a huge reduction in their staff absenteeism.

Immediate Help for People with Anxiety


Anxiety is now recognised as one of the major problems in the UK today.  Whether triggered by stressful events like work or personal problems, more people are reporting anxiety issues. As a result mental health staff are under extreme pressure keeping up with those ever increasing numbers. Not only does this situation cause problems for large employers and charities, the waiting lists for any form of help from the NHS are getting longer and longer.

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