Supporting Young Carers and Tackling Bullying – Educational Resources for Use in Classroom Settings

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Here is a short video featuring the Carers Champions of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Councils talking about our Young Carers game.

This was taken at the launch of the game at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.

Raising the game for Young Carers

Developed in collaboration with Swansea Bay Carers Trust Young CarersBarnardos and Action for Children, our ‘I Care…Do You? game raises awareness of the daily challenges young carers face. Players are asked to choose the path of a young carer or young person, with each roll of the dice designed to demonstrate the everyday issues young carers face while juggling caring for a family member or loved one with their school, home and social life.

Marie Curie in Wales has also been helping to raise awareness of the issues faced by young carers by using the game. 

Year 7 and 8 pupils at Greenhill School in Tenby, Pembrokeshire were among the first to play it during Carers’ Week 2015. The school is participating in the Hywel Dda Local Health Board Investors in Carers for Schools Scheme.

Feedback from Bridgend Council and some of the local children

Here’s what Carers Development Officer Kathy Proudfoot had to say:

“A colleague and I piloted the ‘I care … Do you?’ game during a Personal and Social Education day at a local comprehensive school in Wales for year 8 pupils where we delivered 5 x 1 hour sessions throughout the day on raising awareness of young carers’ issues.

The game was a part of the session and was really well received with the majority of the feedback from pupils listing the game as their favourite element.The pupils were very animated whilst playing the game and it really opened up the discussion about young carers and the challenges they face.

It’s definitely a tool I would use again with young people and we have now distributed games to schools in Bridgend for use in PSE lessons.”

The children said…

“The game was good and tells you about the responsibilities of young carers and what they have to do on a daily basis. It also makes you think twice about teasing other people – for all you know that person could be a young carer. They also might experience the feelings that a young carer might feel because they might care for someone in later life.”

“I think it is a really effective way of learning about young carers because you learn in a fun way and it makes you remember a lot about how many young carers have lots of responsibilities. They also worry a lot and it can affect your school work. This board game can encourage people to help and learn about young carers.”

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Let’s talk about bullying…

The subject of bullying can easily be avoided so we wanted to find a way to generate discussion and highlight the reasons why some children and young people bully others or become targets. It would have been easy to simply focus on targets without considering why the aggressors act as they do but if bullying is to be reduced, we need to look at all its aspects in order to make a difference.

Swansea based teacher Helen Morgan states: “It is imperative to educate young people on bullying to ensure young targets are identified and treated with respect and consideration. As a teaching resource the ‘The bully & The Target’ game accomplishes all these requirements. The entire class was focused whilst completing the game and in the following discussions, pupils stated it was one of the most enjoyable and informative lessons they had ever had.”

Players follow the path of the bully or the target with each step representing an aspect of their day. The ‘pick up’ cards are uncontrollable events that either have a positive or negative outcome for each.

The game consists of a durable A3 hardback plastic coated board, 2 sets of pick up cards, four playing pieces, a coloured dice and a rule sheet.
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