helping depression sufferers

Helping a friend out of Depression

Do you have a friend who has been down on their luck? Here are five simple ideas, that are either cheap or free that can help lift there spirits.

  • Make them a care basket. You can fill it with their favorite bath bombs, soaps, and snacks. This can give them a day or night to relax.
  • Have a movie day or night. Pick out a movie from the tv or a streaming service.  Go to the local theater. Catch a new movie.
  • Treat your friend to a meal out or better yet bring one to them. Having a meal out and catching up can be fun. If your friend does not feel like going out bring a meal to them
  • Send them a letter-Sometimes sending a handwritten note and highlighting all the fun qualities he or she has or just saying hang in there is all a person needs.
  • Be a listener. Sometimes a friend just needs someone to talk too. So listen, do not judge, and in the end give them a hug.

It’s common for people to not fully understand how a person feels when they’re suffering from depression and commonly people resort to saying things like “snap out of it”, while backed by the best of intentions it’s one of the worst things you could possibly say to someone at their lowest. Of course, if they could just snap out of it, undoubtedly they would love to. A bit of company by close friends or family and a good laugh or two and a well meaning gesture could make a world of difference to someone you know, even if the person hasn’t told you they have depression, this is a wonderful surprise to recieve even a good day so why not reach out to someone you care about?