Immediate Help for People with Anxiety


Anxiety is now recognised as one of the major problems in the UK today.  Whether triggered by stressful events like work or personal problems, more people are reporting anxiety issues. As a result mental health staff are under extreme pressure keeping up with those ever increasing numbers. Not only does this situation cause problems for large employers and charities, the waiting lists for any form of help from the NHS are getting longer and longer.

In the majority of cases individuals are advised to contact their own GP practice. This is again creating a massive bottleneck with the only options available to the GP being either to put the patient on medication or refer them to very long waiting lists for counselling.


To help reduce the pressure on GPs and the MH services, UK Choices Ltd have developed a simple education resource which will help to relieve the current anxiety. Our unique Understanding Anxiety & The Unconscious Mind pack has been designed to provide information in a step by step logical format explaining where anxiety comes from together with how and why it affects a person. It also contains four simple but powerful control technique to block out any anxiety attacks in the future. Combined with an explanation of how the unconscious mind is responsible for triggering the anxiety/panic attacks by controlling our feelings and emotions.

reducing anxiety resources

The materials in the pack are high quality and use a mixture of learning methods to get the information across in an engaging and jargon free way.


The Understanding Anxiety & The Unconscious Mind pack has already proved to be very effective in reducing anxiety and stress levels.  By giving immediate access this information will help prior to any decision to medicate and potentially avoiding the need to join a long waiting list, thus making a significant contribution to mental health in the UK.

Packs can be purchased individually for £23.33 plus VAT or, for training, in boxes of 25 (at the discounted price of £500 plus VAT).

Details of this innovative and powerful tool are available on along with information about all our other educational products.