Choices Education Mental Health Training System

The key to this system is to identify and concentrate on blocking out the causes not focusing on the problems associated with each condition. Our specialist subjects are Anger, Anxiety, Bipolar, Confidence, and Depression. With all of these, anxiety is a  significant factor; therefore, it is essential to understand anxiety and learn how to control it. To do so requires a detailed and logical explanation of what triggers the internal anxiety, and how to manage them. To achieve this, it is essential to also understand how the unconscious mind works, as it is the control mechanism for your anxiety and other conditions.

The diagram below shows how the system works. Start by reducing or eradicating the anxiety after that it is easier to help with the other conditions.

Once the session on understanding anxiety and the unconscious mind has been completed, there will be a significant change to the way people think, having a calming effect on their feelings and emotions,  producing a natural reduction in their anxiety and stress levels. The coping tools will now have been used successfully and been absorbed into their unconscious mind. As a result, creating a subliminal influence on attitudes together with an increase in positivity.

Additional additions can also be supported by our separate stand alone sessions either as a 1-1s or in groups of unto 24 people at a time, which can take between 2 – 4 hours.

A vital part of this system is that all delegates receive a full colour handout information pack containing everything that has been covered during the entire session.

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