A Mental Health Training System by Choices Education

Our training is identified as a most effective method for focus and retentionThis Choices’s modular programme is proving very effective in not only reducing and/or completely eliminating the more common symptoms of mental health, employers are also reporting a massive reduction in absenteeism, together with a positive improvement in attitude, atmosphere and moral in the workplace, with a noticeable increase in staff and management productivity.

How does it work?

The key to this system is to identify and concentrate on blocking out the causes not focusing on the problems associated with each condition.

Signs of anxiety can be helped with logical explanations and coping techniques. We provide this educational resource which can be delivered at any time either by a specialist trainer or we can train your trainer to deliver the sessions successfully.

The Understanding Anxiety and the Unconscious Mind Session

This starts by reducing or eradicating the anxiety. To do so requires a detailed and logical explanation of what triggers the internal anxiety, and how to manage it. To achieve this, it is essential to also understand how the unconscious mind works, as it is the control mechanism for your anxiety and other conditions.


Once the session on understanding anxiety and the unconscious mind has been completed, there will be a significant change to the way people think, having a calming effect on their feelings and emotions,  producing a natural reduction in their anxiety and stress levels. The coping resources will now have been used successfully and been absorbed into their unconscious mind. As a result, creating a subliminal influence on attitudes together with an increase in positivity.

A vital part of this system is that all delegates receive a full colour handout information pack containing everything that has been covered during the entire session. This enables all the materials to be used at home and used as an anxiety self help resource. This will educate other family members and friends, thus creating a much larger informed network group.

Case Studies

“Understanding Anxiety and the Unconscious Mind” training sessions have been run for staff in a number of organisations such as Crown Prosecution Services Wales, Housing Associations and other large companies. Apart from the rapid improvement in their staff by reducing their anxiety and stress it has improved the atmosphere in the workplace. There has also been a noticeable improvement in productivity and a massive reduction in absenteeism.

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